Clearances for Employers

Pennsylvania requires that companies entering into co-op or internship agreements must have one adult with clearances in the workplace who will be designated as the supervisor of the student. The designated supervisor shall be the one responsible for the student's welfare while at work. This supervisor must be in the "immediate vicinity" ( an area in which he/she is physically present with the student and can see, hear, direct and assess the activities of the student) at regular intervals with the student.

  • Act 34 - The Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Records Check (Free Volunteer) Click Here to complete the application.

  • The PA State Police use a web-based computer application for which you must use a credit card to pay the fee. The results will not be mailed. You must return to the ePatch site and print your criminal history check results.

  • Act 151 - Child Abuse Report (Free Volunteer)

  • is the on-line website to register for your Act 151 clearance. There is a 2-step process to this. You first must register for the portal before you can apply for your clearance. Go HERE first. Click individual account, Click next, Fill in the information. For Keystone ID. Make up one ( like a username) be sure to write it down for later use.

  • After you have completed the registration process you will receive an email with a temporary password. You will then need to go back HERE to log into the site in order to complete you application.

  • Please make sure to print a copy for your records. For status of a request, please call the Department of Public Welfare, Childline and Abuse Registry at (717) 783-6211.

  • Federal Criminal History Record (Act 114)To enter a co-op or internship agreement, you must obtain an FBI clearance under the PA Department of Education (PDE). No other type of FBI clearance will be accepted. Please follow these registration procedures with IdentoGO for fingerprinting services:1) To register Click Here for the link (or call 844.321.2101 to register and make an appointment.)

  • 1. From the web site enter service code: 1KG6NX ( Pennsylvania PDE-Area Vocations Technical Schools (AVTS)

  • 2. Select schedule or manage appointment.

  • 3. Enter required personal information ( required info designated by red asterisks).

  • 4. Create Security question

  • 5. Complete citizenship questions

  • 6. Answer questions over the next few screens.

  • 7. Select the document that you will bring to your enrollment.

  • 8. Enter your zip code to choose your location and to set your appointment.

  • 9. After you are fingerprinted send us your UZSV number that is found on your Indigo receipt that will be given to you after your fingerprints are taken.

  • 10. Please send us a copy of your IdentoGO receipt. This allows us to pull up your results and enables the student to start working. ( See Example Below)