Jeff Tech Cooperative Education

Welcome to the Jeff Tech Cooperative Education Department! Our Cooperative Education program offers students the opportunity to receive CTE program area credits while working for a real business and earning a paycheck.

If you are a business that is interested in participating in our Cooperative Education Program Please call:

Dave Wolfe at 814-512-6507 or email at

Check out the list of current employers HERE

Think you need a Bachelors Degree to be successful? Think again!

5/05/22 There may be a large discrepancy in what most of us believed was needed for post-secondary success and the current reality. When you compare what most of us were told to what is currently needed you may be surprised. The current educational needs as well as various successful career paths have changed. Please watch the video to the left that outlines the realities of today's current need so that you may have a better understanding of what our students need to succeed. Please feel free to play the video for your class to spark discussion.

See video below or View Full Screen HERE. (Full screen may work best on cell phones)

Clearances are required for a company to participate in our co-op program

Pennsylvania requires that companies entering into co-op or internship agreements must have one adult with clearances in the workplace who will be designated as the supervisor of the student. The designated supervisor shall be the one responsible for the student's welfare while at work. This supervisor must be in the "immediate vicinity" ( an area in which he/she is physically present with the student and can see, hear, direct and assess the activities of the student) at regular intervals with the student. Click Clearances for Employers to get the required clearances.